Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alaska Cruise 2010 was just about the most fabulous thing I have ever done. We set sail June 6 out of Vancouver. Some of the Points of interest were Hubbard Glacier and Icy Point Strait. We docked in Juneau and Ketchican and did side trips to the Mendenhall Glacier and the Glacier Gardens as well as a ride in a duck boat. The weather was wonderful, much warmer than we had expected and we did pack too many "Alaska" clothes and no sandals or shorts. The crew told us that it was above the normal temperatures for June.

The food was very good, but not up to the standards of the Royal Caribbean cruise I was on before. The Celebrity ship was not as big either but we both still had lots to do and Don did not have time to be bored. I think he enjoyed himself.

The Poolside Captain's buffet was exceptional, and we enjoyed it in the sunshine. We did not do too many of the late night activities as the fresh air during the day made late nights next to impossible.

Our friends Bill and Lois joined us for this trip and we spent a wonderful time socializing with the two of them. It was a first cruise for both Don and Bill. I was on a cruise before with my sister and Lois has been on short cruises out of Finland in the past. We were so happy to share this time with friends.

In Juneau we did a bus side trip up to the Mendenhall Glacier and then on to the Glacier Gardens that were breathtaking. I had no idea there was so much flora and fona in Alaska. Our tour guide was a bit of a comedian and that really made the side trip a special one.
In Ketchican we went on the duck boat. This was appropriate as it was the only rainy day of the whole cruise. It was wonderful weather for a duck. It rains in Ketchican more than 50% of the year.
The Amphibian boat was neat. Rain coats and umbrellas were in order but the rain did not stop Lois and I from doing a power shop after the side trip.

Returning to Vancouver and flying home all went well. We had no problem meeting our respective rides from the ship terminal. That was my biggest fear that we would not know where to go when we got off the ship. My sister met us and took us home and we got to the airport the next day without incident. Thanks so much to my sister and her husband for their hospitality to all of us.